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App optimization on Android

Some smartphone have specific settings for battery draining or an intelligent optimization that can create problems with LightBringer app.

LightBringer offers a unique service of security and safety, so we use a lot data, with internet and Bluetooth, and the GPS, so, in case of emergency, Operational Centre has all the information needed to manage the problem.

Check the user manual of your smartphone if you can not find the correct entries to protect or exclude from battery optimization the LightBringer app.

Devices with OS Android 6.0+: Settings > Battery > Battery optimization. Check that LightBringer is in the list of applications excluded from optimization.

ASUS: Settings > Power Management > Auto-start Manager > Find "LightBringer" and tap on "Allow".

HTC: Settings > Power > disable “Power saver” and “Extreme power saving mode”.

Huawei / Honor: System Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Management > Protected Applications > Enable LightBringer.

Lenovo: Settings > Power manager > Background app management > enable "Allow automatic start for LightBringer".

OppO: Security Center > Privacy Permissions > App permission management > Manage by app tab > open LightBringer card > Enable “I trust this application”.

Samsung: Settings > Security > Automatic Management > Set LightBringer to "Permitted". Furthermore, it is necessary to exclude LightBringer from any of the device's battery optimization features. To do this, go to: Settings > Battery > disable battery optimization for LightBringer. For Android 8.0: Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps > Add apps > select LightBringer.

Vivo: Manager > App Manager > Autostart Manager > allow LightBringer.

Xiaomi: Security > Authorizations > Autostart > enable, if necessary, LightBringer.

DreamWeaver: how and how much to recharge it

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DreamWeaver wristband: first use
When using DreamWeaver wristband for the first time, recharge it for 24 hours, in order to make its battery efficient. Once you have finished this first charge you can use it by wearing it and opening the app: you do not have to do anything else. The DreamWeaver, thanks to its technology, will automatically turn on.
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